Laundry is love and other lies Facebook tells you

Participants in a random study were shown a number of phrases of similar length, some from literature and some from the font of wisdom that is Facebook. Turns out the Facebook posts were more memorable–significantly so.

Dr. Laura Mickes, who co-authored the study, refers to the Facebook posts as “mind ready”. They’re written like people speak.

This is why many companies struggle to use social media to connect with people. Because companies talk like companies, not like people. Still.



With all due respect to P&G, I think companies can do better. They can generate real connections and learn from their fans and followers. I would never tell my friends that laundry is a way to say “I Love You”. Laundry is a necessary evil that sits in a pile and makes you feel guilty. And occasionally makes you buy new underwear because you’re out of detergent.

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