Brands aren’t people, but their employees are and their customers are so…

This article from Fast Company on how brands are engaging in social media is one that I wish companies would read, to understand the pay-off for organizations considering it, and because so many organizations do it wrong. Like the ones asking you to name all the red fruits and vegetables you can think of on their Facebook page. Name the fruits, puppet. And like our page so we can raise our EdgeRank.

It’s not so much that brands should pretend to be people. It’s just that people have conversations with people about brands. And companies need to understand how to be part of those conversations. And doing so does not involve that horrible marketing voice. You know the one I’m talking about, right?

And let’s face it, companies are made of people. And brands have personalities.There’s something between the balance sheets and a living, breathing human. Something human-ish. It’s organization as organism.