Heather HamiltonHeather got started in the field of social engagement early. Nicknamed “motormouth” by her family, she was deemed “the only five year old with an opinion on everything”. Heather likes to think of her five-year-old self as a pint-sized connector and problem solver.

Fast forward some years and what you’ll notice about Heather are the creativity and energy she brings to helping companies connect with the marketplace. She believes that creating meaningful connections is the most important thing a company can do; the thing most likely to produce long-term success. She helps companies map the value they provide to key external audiences, articulate that value through the development of compelling content, and deliver that messaging online through a variety of channels including social and owned media.

Her background includes twelve years working for “the man” at Microsoft in a variety of roles where she developed expertise in social media strategy and competitive research. She’s known for being a pioneer in corporate blogging and conference speaker. Her work enhanced Microsoft’s company brand, infused organizational strategies with competitive insights and drove innovation through programs that strengthened Microsoft’s ability to compete. She leverages this experience, as owner of Whiz Bang Solutions, to assist companies looking for a stronger connection with external stakeholders.