Examining the complicated relationship I have with my desk

My relationship with my desk has changed over the years. It was once where I sat from 8 to 5, in a suit…yeah, a SUIT! Then I split time between the office and home. And I’ve recently had to acknowledge that the pretty office I have rented for my company has remained pristine mostly from lack of use.

Working from home, particularly when you live in a loft like I do, can be tricky. Minimalist and open meets stacks of papers, mail, two computers, phones, etcetera. And then home stops feeling like your escape from the world. I’m happier and feel more in-control when clutter is contained and order is established. I’ve finally gotten my work-from-home juju; mostly because my mental health depended on it.

This article on Lifehacker talks about the things that the author has ceased doing at his desk. A little discipline for the sake of your state-of-mind is, I believe, a requirement for effective WFH. But I also think that some flexibility is required.

Eating at my desk? Well maybe just breakfast

Conference calls? On the couch