The success of your business is dependent upon your ability to connect with people that matter. Your high priority audiences–customers, future customers, influencers and opinionated bystanders–respond when they feel understood and when you give them something of value.

Whiz Bang Solutions helps companies understand, find, and develop relationships with the people integral to their ultimate success. We work with companies in a number of different ways, depending on the needs of the business: we advise on strategy, develop processes and ready your team, or we do the work for you. You choose.



Audience Insights

They key to developing effective messaging is to understand the audiences on the receiving end of it—the people who help you achieve success. We work with clients to understand and define key audiences by conducting research and developing detailed marketing personas. These audience insights help you ensure that your messaging is on-target and shows up where it will have the biggest impact.

We also offer analytics that help companies understand marketplace sentiment around brands, products and competitors. The outcome of this work is a clear understanding of the drivers of audience satisfaction and messaging strategies that will increase interest and affinity.

Translation: To get your target audiences to care about what you do, you have to know what they care about. We can help you find and understand the people important to your success. We can also tell you if they think you are the shizzle or just “meh”, and why.


Social Media

We offer solutions designed to help companies listen, learn and create connection using social media. Our approach is tailored to the needs of our clients, each with different internal culture dynamics and market challenges. From training your employees to leverage social media in their respective roles to developing and implementing social media programs and strategies, we can help you generate a lasting connection with the people that mean the most to your business.

Translation: Either you’ve heard you should be on social media and you don’t know why, or you’re challenged with how to most effectively create a social media presence that will get you closer to your business goals. We can help you evaluate the opportunity to use social media to reach the people you care about and create an online presence that makes them think you’re pretty damn cool.


Content Strategy and Web Presence Development

The first step in effective content development is to define your desired business outcomes and the audiences that will play a role in getting you there. We take a structured approach to capturing the essence of your business value and articulate it to the right people, in the right place. We develop messaging frameworks which serve as the basis for consistent and effective communication, and craft channel and audience-appropriate content that enables authentic market connections. The result is an online presence that generates interest and engagement from the people you care about.

Translation: What sits at the intersection of what you offer and what your target audiences care about? We help you identify the value you create, and generate foundational messaging that communicates who you are and why people should care. We craft kick-ass audience-focused content for your website, social media and marketing programs.





What clients say...

  • Heather can connect dots like no-one's business! She turns chaos into gold. I wanted to better understand my target audiences to create content that would better meet their needs. Heather not only figured out the social good space (not an easy task), she managed to gain insights that I would never have been able to glean. Her ability to bring structure and creativity at the same time is invaluable. I am a writer so having someone else help with content creation was daunting to me. She has stepped in and stepped up all of Claxon's content.

    Erica, Marketing Services Firm CEO

  • With Heather, you get intelligence, creativity, action and results. I've worked with Whiz Bang Solutions on projects for two companies, my current employer in the sports apparel industry, and my previous company which is a software solutions provider. I'm impressed by Heather’s ability to quickly diagnose business challenges, develop a plan for addressing them and generate results.  I appreciate her straightforward approach focused on doing what’s right for her clients’ business and her ability to deliver ahead of schedule. Her work changes the way people experience companies online.

    Peggy, Senior Director, Sports Apparel Company

  • We needed to understand the online sentiment related to a newly released product for a large software company. Heather delivered a thorough online perception study of our product, key competitors and the product category. She helped us identify sentiment trends, influencers and opportunities to build brand equity online. Heather was able to look across the social media landscape – which she knows inside and out- and develop a process for delivering brand insights that the product team was able to use to make marketing investment decisions and base lined the monitoring of their online perception health in the future.

    Anders, Senior Manager, Consulting Firm

  • To take my company to a new level, I was looking for a new name, a marketing plan and a revamped website. I hired Heather and she coordinated all of these, coming up with a great new name (Tech DNA), finding and working with a talented graphic designer to design the new logo and website, and developing a marketing message framework and content. She was always on top of this multi-month project and I'm very pleased with the results. Heather is fun to work with and very responsive to feedback and others’ ideas.

    Mike, Managing Director of Technology Consulting Firm

  • We were looking for Whiz Bang Solutions to deliver crisp articulation of our company story in written form, which they are very good at. What we didn't expect, and what’s made the biggest impact, was their system for identifying our unique value from the perspective of our clients. This has served as the foundation of our marketing approach across the company. It was like getting our company genome decoded.

    Sean, Consulting Company President